segunda-feira, 22 de maio de 2017

Letter One - In English

I never quite understood the feeling of being a fan.
I have never understood why so many people fall in love, venerate, become obsessed for just a common person.
What makes a human being feel 'fan', you know ... feel ecstatic with a famous person.
I confess that I judged 12 years old girls, saying 'Hey, girl, stop being silly, Justin Bieber does not even know who you are'
It's not that I've never been in love with a singer, movie star, character in a movie. I even think that's normal
When I was a kid, I was in love with Edward Scissorhands, I swear.
But it's different when you really feel, truly, what it's like to be someone's fan.
I'm not going to lie, maybe I'm embarrassed that other people know that I have a fanaticism or a fixation on someone who may never know who I am. Is weird. After all, it's just a common person, who has never touched, felt, smelled, talked, anyway ... does not seem to make sense.
But that's not how I feel. For me it makes a lot of sense.
It is as if I already knew him, as if we were friends, longtime friends.
Even my idol, Keeping your personal life away, just showing how professional, I still feel the affection for the human being, for the person who is.
And today I understand why people feel that way. At least that's what happened to me. We fall in love with famous people By the performance they perform in our emotional even if involuntarily.
When our soul needs something to fill, we watch movies, series, read a book, listen to a song, Anyway, we are looking for things that fill us, And suddenly the connection happens thus involuntarily.

And that way we start to search our fill our soul with what makes us good.
And that's how it happened to me, in a very delicate phase of my life, I started to watch Sherlock and that's how I was flooded by a character that I fascinated, but when I finished a series, I saw something that did not look like just Sherlock , But who interpreted it and behold, I discovered the true motive of my fascination.

It was really a delicate moment for me, I'm not proud to say that I did not see grace in life, but unfortunately, it's a truth. And fortunately with a discovery of this feeling in me, made me then had a new purpose in life. Something to make me want to go on, move on and be firm.
Today I understand what it is to be a fan and to have total gratitude for those who help you see a life with other eyes. It is not for being famous, it is for doing what you did, without ever having seen me.

And that is why today I thank you and write these letters to you .... Benedict Cumberbatch!

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